I’m very interested in the Firefox development process, I’m slowly working my way into hacking on it. However, the release goals for 1.0 don’t seem clear to me, at the moment the release is being targeted very much towards the home user and I don’t believe this is a good thing. When this badboy hits 1.0 IT managers are going to be trying to deploy it and the support just won’t be there.

I am CCed on a few bugs that will affect how I will roll it out to the 30 workstations that I’m in charge of and some of these will affect how it can be pushed out to 1000s of workstations. Alot of these are being minused for the 1.0 release. The most recent one of these is bug 218944 which is a setback to home users as well as corporate users, it would allow proxy settings to be set in one place in windows and be used by both firefox and IE

If you have the time and care, checkout the bugs that bug 241532 depends on and lend a helping hand.