Learning the Guitar

I’ve started trying to learn the guitar, it’s quite entertaining and challenging. I started when I was sitting around at Carl’s house and made him teach me a few chords. I have a problem where I focus too much on the chords and suck at strumming, but I think I’m getting better.

Carl bought a new guitar of a friend of his, it’s a steel string and it’s so sweet to play. It leaves huge callouses on your fingers from playing it though. I’m seriously considering buying a guitar for myself.

Australian University Games

Last week I travelled to Perth with USQ to play Volleyball at Australian University Games. While our position (9th) wasn’t as good as we felt we could have gone, the week was a blast and I’m sure that every person on the team had a good time. We played well and the younger less experienced players will have taken alot away from the week.

Perth is a beautiful city, it seems clean and friendly. There is very little graffiti (except in the McDonalds toilet) and there is a huge police presence. This could have been because of the Uni Games and the warship in town but I suppose I will never know.


Someone told me today that they always read this site but never understand anything I write. I’m flattered that they read it and I have been planning to write stuff about everything, uni, sport, me and all that other geeky stuff. So if you were thinking about changing channels, stay tuned the programming will get better.