PHP5 Iterator Tutorial

This PHP5 tutorial is a little misleading in how it explains iterating over an array that implements ArrayAccess. If your class does this and you want to be able to do a foreach($obj as $k => $d) it may or may not work (depending on the underlying storage of data) by simply implementing IteratorAggregate. Creating a proper iterator is the best way to do this. I will write about that later.

In reply to Scoble

I think my previous post was misinterpretted by Scoble his reply). I don’t expect him to write about certain things, nor do I expect him to link to me (though I thought he probably would). I do however trust that he links to the most important things happening on the web, at Microsoft and with their competitors.

I think the most important part of Scoble’s weblog is the sense of us and them, he says here is us in one post and here is them in another. He does a good job at it. This is why I am not going to unsubscribe to him. The day I think that it has stopped, I will let him know and I will unsubscribe.

Eclipse and TODO

I have just gotten around to downloading Eclipse to try out PHPEclipse. Don Park pointed it out quite sometime ago and I must say I am quite impressed with it so far.

The IDE understands my aforementioned (link) TODO comments and turns them into nicely formatted tasks to remind you. I must say, it does help with my assignments.

Eclipse itself seems nice enough to use, but more on this later.


I’m adding pinged to pingomatic to this website, hopefully this will drive a little bit more traffic here. It may not too, this is a test post that hopefully doesn’t tell me it doesn’t work