Firefox and Camino on the Apple

Dave Winer has bought an so he can work on the OPML editor for it. He’s complaining about how much he hates using Safari. I’m not sure whether or not it’s because he hates Apple or because of the actual software. That’s his perogative. There are 2 extremely good options other than IE or Safari. You may have heard of Firefox and Camino is a Gecko based browser for the Apple. They are both worth a look.

RSS in Australia

It’s interesting to see the take up on different technologies here in Australia. Some things get to market really quickly and others take their sweet time. RSS views of news feeds still isn’t here, News Limited and the major TV stations don’t have them, though The Melbourne Age does. With most of the major news sources in the US having RSS, it amazes me no end of the slow take up here, especially as the technology isn’t very hard to implement.

What interests me the most is the takeup of Podcasting in broadcasting radio stations. Triple J has been podcasting Dr Karl (Awesome!) and Hack for quite some time now and Triple M is also putting their shows up as podcasts.

What this is telling me, is the big companies aren’t really in touch with their customers, while the Radio marketplace is alot smaller and they are doing everything they can to deliver the information we want, when we want it.

I think the big guys need to get on the ClueTrain.

XFN for Organizations

There has been a fair amount of Hoo-Haa surrounding Tim O’Reilly in the past week or so, most recently about some dubious looking links on the O’Reilly websites. He has replied with a good round up about whether or not what has happened is wrong or not.

For mine, I don’t think it’s necessarily bad, it’s a bit like Cash for Comment. It’s feasible that search engines should see the div or td html element that is notated as advertisement and assign lower ranking to those particular links. There are obviously technical limitations on this capability but it is a good concept.

This brings me to a topic I have been thinking about for quite some time, a variation (or extension) of XFN on a higher level than just human relationships. What got me thinking about this was adding links to my volleyball club’s website, how do I notate that this link is pointing to a sister association or a member’s website?. Companies have relationships with people (employee/employer) and other companies (sister/competitor/partner); Websites have relationships with people (author/editor/designer) and websites have relationships with other websites (advertisement/networked).

I believe that if these links in question on the O’Reilly sites were marked rel=’ad’ and the search engines understood this, and weighted it lower then we may be able to avoid this moral dilemna. This obviously has limitations in that it only works for the people who want to take the moral high-road but it could also provide hints to the search-engines about which sites are paying for advertising. As far as I can tell, passing meta data to the search engines can only be a GoodThing.

The Customer is always Stupid

There is an old customer service adage, The Customer is Always Right, however in my time doing phone support for computers and telephone systems I have come to the realisation this isn’t correct. The question isn’t whether or not they are right or not (and you should never let them know that you think they aren’t), but whether they know what they are doing. To avoid the problem where you assume they aren’t incompetent, I have created my own adage, The Customer is always Stupid. In the long run, it saves me a hell of a lot of time.

Weighing in on FOO

There has been a huge uproar about the whole FOO camp bonanza. There is alot of buzz on the A-List about who has been invited and who hasn’t. As far as I can see it would be a cracker of a weekend with some of the smartest people getting around. If I was having a party (which is pretty much all it is) I’d only invite people that I wanted to come. I certainly wouldn’t ask someone who would call all the other people there tools. The simple fact of the matter is having a good time, (over a weekend, a night or a day) for most people doesn’t involve conflict so you don’t ask people that cause it to come. It’s a simple way to make sure your guests have a good time.

I have no doubt that Dave Winer is one of the people that has almost singlehandedly changed the Internet, but he probably wouldn’t get a call up to drink my free booze. 🙂 On the other hand, I think it’s ridiculous that you wouldn’t invite Russ Beattie it’s pretty clear that he’s one of the most switched on guys in mobility getting around and it’s an area O’Reilly really should be thinking about. It’s not just that he’s smart, he’s influential. I’m not really sure what most people think but surely Mobile Monday is pretty good prior art (I know he didn’t entirely start it).

A Word on Technorati Tags

Om Malik talks about sending traffic to technorati by adding tags to his site. While I’m not sure about using a program like Ecto, the tags here on my site don’t send any traffic to Technorati and still show up in there searches. While I link to a page that shows everything within that tag on my page, the help page at Technorati shows examples of using it as part of a normal link.