Brisbane to Toowoomba Buses

Update 24/06/2006: I have written a more up to date recap of this information, it’s here.

Rod and I have been ferrying ourselves between Brisbane and Toowoomba on a fairly regular basis and with the introduction of some cheap bus fairs, it has generally been without the need for cars. (Mine is parked in the Garage with one wheel off). Because there is no decent place on the net to find this information, I’m going to post it here.

There are 3 services, McCafferties/Greyhound, MaxExpress and Suncoast. The McCafferties buses leave on the hour every hour. They are expensive, about $23 for students one way.

MaxExpress runs at 11am, 2pm and 4pm from Brisbane and 8am, 11am, and 2pm from Toowoomba. The cost for these is $18 and $15 for concessions, it is a direct service and takes about an hour and a half.

Suncoast runs the same times as MaxExpress but leaves 10 minutes earlier and they are $14 fullfare, $13 for concessions and if you book on the net you will get a dollar off.

Update: I’ve spelt a few things wrong, apologies goto McCafferty’s.

Some thoughts about Scoble

I’ve moved my subscription for the scoble over to his new home. There’s a couple of things I want to point out.

  1. His writing has gone from alot of links and short comments to longer more comprehensive pieces. This isn’t good or bad, but it seems to me that the change to WordPress has something to do with it.
  2. His feed has changed and it doesn’t appear to be a fulltext feed in Thunderbird I’ve looked at the feed and I know the data is there, but I can’t see it. I wonder how many other people this is happening to.

My Friends Blogging

I’m in what I think is a funny age group when concerned with the net, most of my friends haven’t been using the for ever (since it began) yet, alot of them live and breathe on it. None of them use livejournal or myspace, and we all chat on msn messenger.

I read that alot of teenagers and their groups of friends use things like these and keep up to date with what everyone is doing with them. Even one of the apprentices at work has an msn space, but he is about 4 years younger than me.

It’s interesting to see the uptake of blogging in and around my circle of friends. At the moment of my more computer addicted friends are the early adopters. Dave and Clint live in front of their computers, but Jameses isn’t what I would call a geek, his interest in blogging is more for writings sake. His blog is worth a look.

Firefox, Bookmarks and Tagging

Deb Richardson has posted a pretty comprehensive mock-up and concept of a new bookmarking system for Firefox. I think it looks really awesome, though one of the best thing about tagging is that it comes into it’s own when it is working at a scale bigger than on a personal level.

The centralised service also sounds really awesome. However I can see alot of problems with the learnability of this interface.

Anyhow, I hate to play the Devil’s Advocate all the time. It looks good, keep up the good work Deb.

Appalling Behaviour

So last night I was cooking a potato bake and mushroom sauce, I took the potato bake out of the oven, grated some cheese on top to make it go crispy golden brown. As I picked the casserole dish up to put it back in the oven, I felt burning in my fingers and threw the dish on the floor.

Now let me tell you, I wasn’t impressed, so I started eating the melted cheese off the door of the oven, and sometimes picking a piece of sliced potato covered in cream off the floor and eating that. I actually found myself quite comfortably sitting down munching on the half cooked vegetable.

This didn’t particular phase me until 10 minutes later I come back into the kitchen and my house mate is doing much the same thing.

I don’t think it needs to be said that this was some of the most disgusting behaviour I have ever participated in.

Making the Trains Run on Time

Dave Winer has sold to Verisign for from what I can tell an undisclosed sum. He cites the sheer size scalabilty problems he has encountered as reason for it. That’s good enough for me, but his comments remind me of The Whitlams, Blow up the Pokies.

And I wish I, wish I knew the right words

To blow up the pokies and drag them away

‘Cause they’re taking the food off your table

So they can say that the trains run on time

Another man there was made the trains run on time

I just hope they don’t start taking the food off his table.