iPod and FM or Satellite Radio

Dave and I have been discussing why Apple should or shouldn’t release an iPod with FM radio, (but it really also applies to Satellite.) The long and the short of it is, if they sell 2% more devices, and it creates less incentive to browse the iTunes music store, then Apple loses out.

It’s entertaining because of Dave Winer’s predictions. While I’m not really sure how serious he is about them, there certainly is a little bit of possibility that they will occur. Regardless, I can’t see the radio appearing on an iPod anytime soon.

Active Directory – Software Installation Corrupt

Recently we have been having some problems with the Group Policy software installation on our work network. The problem is a couple of error messages in the event log when the client computers try to apply software settings. The 2 errors are

Failed to apply changes to software installation settings. Software changes could not be applied. A previous log entry with details should exist. The error was : The software installation data in the Active Directory is corrupt.


The Group Policy client-side extension Software Installation failed to execute. Please look for any errors reported earlier by that extension.

While I have absolutely no idea as to what the problem is, it was only happening at one of our sites. The fix was to perform a non-authoritative restore on the Global Catalog server in the offending site.

Blogging in Toowoomba

I’ve posted before about the uptake of RSS in Australia but looking at my referer log, I’m amazed. I had a referral for someone searching for Toowoomba. There really isn’t any hits there, however if you do a proper search for Toowoomba there are heaps of results.

The number of people writing in blogs about Toowoomba amazes me. Hopefully, I can find something interesting to read.

Red Rock Deli

I absolutely love Red Rock Deli chips, they show that if a company can innovate in a monopolistic market, that they can and will succeed. There really wasn’t any movement in the potato chip market and now Red Rock is in just about every corner store.

And to make things better, they taste so good.