Anticompetitive Greyhound

I have posted previously about the bus route between Toowoomba and Brisbane. With the addition of new low-cost carriers, Greyhound (ie. McCafferty’s and Suncoast) are determined to kill any competition that arises on this route. Now that MightyBus has signalled their intentions to operate a reasonable fair on this route, Greyhound has dropped their prices to the same amount, and is leaving from the same place at the same time.

Doing a bit of research on the matter, regarding the ACCC’s stance, I have only found this document about the McCafferty’s/Greyhound merger. I am almost certainly going to send a letter to them inquiring about the legalities this all.

Toowoomba to Brisbane Buses Redux

Since I wrote this post about the buses between Brisbane and Toowoomba the situation has changed. MaxExpress seems to have gone out of business. Suncoast Pacific has changed it’s times to just 11pm and 4pm, from Brisbane to Toowoomba and 8pm and 2pm back. The cost of these is $18 for an adult and $16 for a concession.

Just now researching this, I have noticed that there is a company called MightyBus that is to start services on the 3rd July, and it looks like they will be $7.95. My guess is this will force Greyhound (Suncoast) to drop their prices.

Recurring Dreams

When I was a kid, I often had this nightmare, wherein I was being chased by another fat kid. When I say fat I don’t mean fat like a normal overweight person, but fat like collagen injected lips, but all over. Now this kid kept chasing me as he slowly got bigger and bigger, I kept running away, running over bridges (and I suppose under dales though I don’t recall that). I think I always woke up before anything happened, probably in a cold sweat.

Like all nightmare’s it wasn’t particularly a pleasant experience, yet, when I think fondly back on it now, I wonder where recurring dreams have gone in my life. I often have recurring themes in my dreams, but since that nightmare left me, I can’t remember having a real recurring dream.

What got me thinking about this business of Recurring Dreams was my ride to work on Friday. Each day as I ride off the Indooroopilly foot bridge, my thoughts start to move to the ride.I start finding a rythm, down the hill sweeping right, sigh in sadness at the deserted Chelmer Bowls club now make sure I don’t hit the potholes, but I noticed a few months ago that there is a man across the road from the bowls club that is often tending to his lawn. This really shouldn’t seem strange, but over time I have realised that it is only on Friday mornings that he is there. No other day of the week.

I have started building a character for this man in my head, I think he might have been the groundskeeper for the bowls club, may be he only works a 4 day week now. He’s old, maybe his wife has a carer on Fridays.

This Friday morning as I rode past, I saw him again trimming the edges of the gutter, and I thought to myself what if he wasn’t there. Would my brain tell me that he actually was there? That’s rediculous I told myself, but then I thought. What if he isn’t there, maybe I’m just reliving a dream from last night, that I have every Thursday night.

Maybe he is just a Recurring Dream.

Problems with Google Talk

I like a lot of things with Google Talk, it’s openness, it’s integration and it’s interface. But the one thing that really gets on my goat – when you ALT+Tab back to a conversation, you can’t start typing straight away. Sometimes you can press tab for the input box to get the focus and sometimes pressing tab takes you back to the contacts window. This is completely unintuitive (is that actually a word) and it drives me crazy.

The Cost of Riding to Work

Early in the year I sold my car (1987 Nissan Exa) and bought a flat-bar road bike. A Giant CRX-4 to be precise. So far I have been extremely happy with it, the 12km commute to work every day takes me about half an hour and I think driving would only be about 10 minutes quicker.

Today I was thinking about what the cost saving of riding everywhere is. I price the petrol of driving a car at approximately $1 per 10km (this is actually getting further and further from the truth as petrol gets more and more expensive), registration is around $700 a year and insurance is about that again. I think I can just about justify to myself the money I have spent on my bike. That is without factoring in how much fitter I am.

Advertising and Driving

Scoble is driving cross country, looking at the advertising and posting stuff to his blog, all at the same time. Being connected while your on the move sure sounds like a fair improvement over re-tuning into TripleJ every 2 hours. He got me thinking, how long is it going to be until we start seeing the online advertising crowd moving into roadside advertising. It’s not going to be long, as soon as Google (that’s short for web advertising industry) can figure out who is driving and when, and reduce the cost of realtime customizable ads. I’m sure we will see it.

Geeks like Robert are going to make this possible for them, because everytime his Cell phone hit’s Google, I’m sure they can tell about where he is on the road home. Being able to aggregate even some of this information, is where the money in free municipal wifi is.

Sooner or later, that parking lot that is Silicon Valley will just be a huge targeted advertising space.

My Favourite Blogs

With the release of Gnoos, the new Australian blog search engine (that’s quite a mouthful) I thought it pertinent to show a quick cross-section of some of my favourite blogs at the moment. I think it would be worth your time to go and have a look, I open my reader every day hoping that I will see a new post from one of these guys.

  • Decisive Moments. A man and his bike(s). It’s gripping stuff every Monday or Tuesday hearing about the latest races.
  • Jameses has been blogging up a storm lately, a good stream of consciousness style that makes me enjoy the random observations of my friends.
  • Ftrain. You need to read to believe, I love the writing and the concept of the Ftrain. If only he would write more often.
  • Fi has just started this, and so far it far outweighs expectations. I sincerely hope her jaunts that she is going to switch it off as quickly as she started are in jest.