Sun Dedicated Server Hosting

Having done a little bit of research on the Sun Niagara and if there is Dedicated Server hosting available for it anywhere. My conclusion is no, the closest thing available to the best of my reckoning is TextDrive’s container hosting. This looks like a pretty sweet setup, though it might be a little bit expensive. It certainly won’t appeal to an upcoming web startup, though it might be the way to go for a company not focused on the web with the need for a robust internet solution.


While reading Scoble’s recent post about The Long Tail and his previous posts about transparency it got me thinking about why people blog. Whether it is connecting to those people that are close to you and read your blog, people who are interested in the same things you are, or you are trying to make a business out of it. For mine, these things should all be factors of how transparent you are being.

In this case, Chris Anderson could well be sending the book as nothing but a gift to Scoble saying, thanks for being a good friend, yet, Scoble has still stated he is being paid for the post and is still going to give it away. What about if Robert’s brother was to give him a book he had written, would the his process still be different. I know if I gave someone a book as a gift, and they were to give it away because they considered it payment I would be offended.

Each to their own I suppose. All I am saying, is we need to not forget that blogging is a very personal medium, and the very process of trying to be transparent, can make the whole thing feel mechanical and soulless.