Flash Player on AMD64 Ubuntu

For a long time I haven’t had Flash working in Firefox on my Ubuntu machine because it runs on the AMD64 build. Well no more! I have fixed it. Previously, I had tried to follow the directions on the Ubuntu forums to get it working with nspluginwrapper. Now I’m not sure what I had done wrong in the past, but I tried to get it working again the other day and Presto, it worked.

So, my gift to you is flashinstall.sh, a quick script that will install nspluginwrapper (Now in Universe) and install Flash. To use it download it, open a terminal and perform these commands.

chmod +x flashinstall.sh
sudo ./flashinstall.sh

As always, all care has been taken that this won’t break anything, but there are no guarrantees. Enjoy.

Update: I have added some logic that will add the uPure64 repository to your sources.list file if it isn’t already there. This should sort out peoples problems of not being able to install nspluginwrapper. Thanks to Craig Heffner for the tip.