The New Zealand/Tasmanian Carton

It has been common knowledge for quite some time, that a New Zealand/Tasmanian carton contained 13 beers. As many of you will know, this was first discovered when a few of us were promised a carton of beer by a certain New Zealander/Tasmanian and he arrived to our disgust with 13 beers. Most people would call that 2 sixpacks and change, but I digress. Having spent a week here, Carl and I have found the answer to this age old question. Is 13 the magic number. The answer is No!

This may sound like I have the answer, but I don’t. All I can provide you with is information, beer in New Zealand is sold in 3 sizes, 15 pack, a doz and half a doz. You will note that they do not refer to the half a doz as a sixpack. We obviously have a few issues with buying any of these sizes due to the fact that you feel somewhat homosexual by buying enough beer to make you thirsty, but not enough to make you drunk. We have decided that these are not to be refered to as cartons (obviously it is misleading) so we are calling them boxes. In anycase, a man is not a camel and as the San Diegons say, “When in Rome!”