I’ve been working with Google Analytics a fair bit recently, setting up goals and investigating the use of the Events API on a few sites. There isn’t much about Analytics I don’t like, it works as expected and has features you didn’t even know you wanted. I have 2 things I would love to see implemented, first of all, testing of goals. Currently the recommended way of testing if your goal is configured correctly is by using the Top Content report. This works fine, by it is pretty annoying you can’t test this right there on the configure goals page.

Second, I would love to see functionality wherein you could set milestones on the timeline of Google Analytics. This could mark when a new feature was implemented or when a style change was made, this would really let you visualise changes in browsing behaviour and how they relate to site modifications. In my work’s case, we would also be able to show clients really well the results of optimisations we have made. The display should work in a really similar manner as the news articles on Google Finance.

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  1. November 21, 2019

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