2009 Resolutions

Talking to one of my friends yesterday he asked me what my goals for 2009 were. I did a quick search here and found that I wrote some New Year’s resolutions in 2006. This year’s resolutions:

  1. Get my masters. This is pretty straightfoward. Study, do my assignments, pass my exams.
  2. Sort out my finances. This doesn’t mean save a million bucks, just end the year with some savings and hopefully a source of income.
  3. Side projects. My only side project at the moment is my food and wine blog but I’ve got a couple of other little bits and pieces I want to build. This however needs to take a second place to uni. I’m also going to cook more and try and buy some more bottles of wine.

A couple of more short term things that I want to and am going to do.

  1. Play some volleyball
  2. Play some netball
  3. 1 + 2 = Lose some weight