Advertising and Driving

Scoble is driving cross country, looking at the advertising and posting stuff to his blog, all at the same time. Being connected while your on the move sure sounds like a fair improvement over re-tuning into TripleJ every 2 hours. He got me thinking, how long is it going to be until we start seeing the online advertising crowd moving into roadside advertising. It’s not going to be long, as soon as Google (that’s short for web advertising industry) can figure out who is driving and when, and reduce the cost of realtime customizable ads. I’m sure we will see it.

Geeks like Robert are going to make this possible for them, because everytime his Cell phone hit’s Google, I’m sure they can tell about where he is on the road home. Being able to aggregate even some of this information, is where the money in free municipal wifi is.

Sooner or later, that parking lot that is Silicon Valley will just be a huge targeted advertising space.