Firefox 2.0 Features

The other day I recently downloaded the latest Firefox Alpha, Bon Echo Alpha 2 and I’m really stoked with the majority of the new features. Originally I thought that cutting the Places feature was a mistake and possibly letting the release date slip was a better option, but seeing the features actually working leads me to think that this is really going to be a good release.

The thing that the Mozilla Foundation (Corporation?) is really good at is incrementally improving the functionality of their products. This doesn’t involve rewriting the whole product but adding a few more awesome features and fixing the implementation of some of the existing features.

The major features or fixes that have caught my eye are

  • Feed handling. I love this. I can’t believe it has taken this long to get this into a mainstream browser. I can’t believe how long it has taken for any sort of a standard across feeds.
  • The search box. I’m sure that this is one of the improvements that nobody is going to think about but I’m so much happier with being able to “manage” them right there.
  • Spell Checker. What is there to say about this? It works a treat and is there when you need it. Perfect.
  • Tab Implementation. I’m not going to way in to heavily about the new tab implementation. It seems reasonably but I think it will be far more helpful to new users.

With all of these improvements I’m hoping that they avoid the stability and memory problems that plagued 1.5 from the outset and then quickly release a 2.1 with the removed places features or at least provide a plugin to add this functionality.