Anticompetitive Greyhound

I have posted previously about the bus route between Toowoomba and Brisbane. With the addition of new low-cost carriers, Greyhound (ie. McCafferty’s and Suncoast) are determined to kill any competition that arises on this route. Now that MightyBus has signalled their intentions to operate a reasonable fair on this route, Greyhound has dropped their prices to the same amount, and is leaving from the same place at the same time.

Doing a bit of research on the matter, regarding the ACCC’s stance, I have only found this document about the McCafferty’s/Greyhound merger. I am almost certainly going to send a letter to them inquiring about the legalities this all.

Toowoomba to Brisbane Buses Redux

Since I wrote this post about the buses between Brisbane and Toowoomba the situation has changed. MaxExpress seems to have gone out of business. Suncoast Pacific has changed it’s times to just 11pm and 4pm, from Brisbane to Toowoomba and 8pm and 2pm back. The cost of these is $18 for an adult and $16 for a concession.

Just now researching this, I have noticed that there is a company called MightyBus that is to start services on the 3rd July, and it looks like they will be $7.95. My guess is this will force Greyhound (Suncoast) to drop their prices.

Brisbane to Toowoomba Buses

Update 24/06/2006: I have written a more up to date recap of this information, it’s here.

Rod and I have been ferrying ourselves between Brisbane and Toowoomba on a fairly regular basis and with the introduction of some cheap bus fairs, it has generally been without the need for cars. (Mine is parked in the Garage with one wheel off). Because there is no decent place on the net to find this information, I’m going to post it here.

There are 3 services, McCafferties/Greyhound, MaxExpress and Suncoast. The McCafferties buses leave on the hour every hour. They are expensive, about $23 for students one way.

MaxExpress runs at 11am, 2pm and 4pm from Brisbane and 8am, 11am, and 2pm from Toowoomba. The cost for these is $18 and $15 for concessions, it is a direct service and takes about an hour and a half.

Suncoast runs the same times as MaxExpress but leaves 10 minutes earlier and they are $14 fullfare, $13 for concessions and if you book on the net you will get a dollar off.

Update: I’ve spelt a few things wrong, apologies goto McCafferty’s.