Control.Modal.Dialog updates

So we have finally launched the Oz Experience website. Amongst many other things this is the first website we have launched which contains the travel planner originally built by the talented Ondra Medek. Anyway the point is we have written a whole heap of software for this launch and the easiest to package up and send out to the rest of the world is the latest updates to Control.Modal.Dialog.js. I have simplified the API a whole heap and generally made it do a lot more with a whole heap less code.

Control.Modal.Dialog – a lightweight javascript modal dialog library

Recently we realised that we were in need of a modal form/dialog. Sure there is a javascript “dialog” function however it is completely useless in IE7 and what’s more it’s not really ideal in other browsers. Most of our work is based on Prototype/Scriptaculous and we have used Control.Modal in other projects so I went about writing a small layer that can sit on top of it to provide an easy to use modal dialog. Control.Modal.Dialog was born.

At the same time, I’ve spent about 3 minutes setting up Xebidy’s Code Library, we are planning on releasing more and more of the code we are writing internally to the world under Open Source licenses and hopefully Bootstrap will be one of those. Sadly, other things tend to get in the road, like clients.

Update 4/06/2008: We have released a new much better version of this. It still lives at the same place.