Site dramas and Dreamhost (PS)

So, my site has been down for a few days, not really sure for how long but certainly since Thursday. I started noticing some mysterious things happening, for one thing when I logged into my SSH to check some DNS entries for work the name of my server had changed from dinero to crazyman. I thought this was quite strange but didn’t think too much of it at the time. Then when I went to look at something on my site it couldn’t connect to the database. I checked the dreamhost status page and it said they were having network outage. Again I didn’t worry.

So today when I went to post a post (not this post) and it was still down, I went investigating. It turns out I had signed up for Dreamhost PS which I remember doing, but I thought it was a joke. I’m pretty certain this post about it had something to do with that. Anyway, turns out somewhere in the migration across the database user didn’t get enabled on my WordPress database. So I fixed that today and we are back in action.

Now the real point of this diatribe is a couple of minor problems that I’ve encountered with dreamhost.

  1. I signed up originally with my work email address and I want to change it. But there is no where (as far as I can tell) to change it. Had I had my actual email address on the account, I might have known that this was all about to happen/go pear shaped.

  2. There is no way in the panel for me to actually remove the PS feature from my account. I know I really don’t need it and I don’t know if I actually will remove it, but I’d like the option without having to deal with support, which in my experience isn’t bad at all with DH, however I still don’t like doing it.
  3. The dreamhost blog kinda misled me, (clearly not intentionally) I would hate if it changed it’s style, but possibly there should be a more corporatespeak blog as well so I can compare the 2.

Google Talk, Dreamhost and Jabber

This is awesome, Google Talk has enabled XMPP Federation meaning that I can set up a Jabber server, and have it linked in to the Google Talk network. I can see some awesome benefits of this, not least of all the decentralizing of the instant messengers.

Companies will be able to run their own servers and control the communication past the firewall. People like me will be able to set up a server to serve their friends with more features that the old (lock-in) instant messenger networks won’t support, and best of all it’s open.