Google Analytics Testing Script

Developing against the Google Analytics Tracking API is a pain. Not only is it a bit of a black box, but the actual statistical output only updates every so often. It isn’t easy, but I love the power it enables.

Long have I wished that someone would create some sort of testing library, either to replace the Analytics script itself, or to sit alongside it and output any interactions with the Analytics server. Until now it hasn’t existed – until now.

I present the Google Analytics Testing script. This bad boy utilises the Firebug script console to output most information you care about going to Google Analytics. Great for AJAXy trackEvent projects or anything else doing more than the rudimentary Analytics set and forget stuff. It works as a Greasemonkey script or you can include it in a script tag anywhere in your HTML. It doesn’t prevent the data itself being sent through to the data, but that is something that may change in a future version of the script.

This script currently relies on the existence of the Google Analytics script, but in the future will exist as a standalone script.

I would love any feedback, bug reports or ideas as to how to make this better and more useful.

Install it now with Greasemonkey or include it in a script tag.

SEO Google Analytics Greasemonkey Script – Search for Keywords

I’ve been doing a fair bit of keyword analysis and so forth here at Easy Weddings and have found that I regularly need to do a search directly from Google Analytics. So I’ve written a quick and dirty greasmonkey script that does just that. This adds a search link to each line of the keywords report. At the moment it is just for one search engine, but using a dropdown would also work.


Grab Greasemonkey and then download Search for Keywords Greasemonkey script.

Menu-item Positioning

It’s not something I have read alot about, but I’m sure somewhere there are best practices regarding where is best to place a menu item. It’s pretty clear to me, that moving a menu’s order should be avoided, however I have just noticed an instance where the menu should have been reordered.

In Firefox and IE the last option in the Tools menu is, Options (or Internet Options), however after installing Greasemonkey 4 new menu options appear at the bottom of my Firefox Tools menu. I would suggest that Options is one of the most frequently used items in that menu (and all of the menus) but it has now been relegated to a more difficult place to find.

I’m not sure this should be hard coded into the browser, but it certainly should be discussed in a “Firefox Interface Guidelines” document.