Apple, Google, Intel and Video

Google has announced that they are using Intel’s new viiv technology with their Video offering. The blogs are abuzz with Engadget, Gizmodo and Ars Technica featuring news of it and speculating that they are taking on Apple. I can’t help but think that Apple has been in on it, or doesn’t have a problem with it due to the fact they are moving to Intel processors and will be getting the option to use the same viiv platform.

I realise it’s completely against what Apple has been pushing towards (being a Media Company) but they do have partnerships with the big media and it may well give them new distribution channels and partners.

Chips, Performance and Power

At work our servers consist of a couple of Xeons and mostly Pentium 4s. We aren’t particularly attached to any part of our configuration (Hardware or Software) and so we are constantly looking for ways to improve our setup. This post on the Dreamhost Blog about the differing power consumptions of the dual core AMD Opterons and Intel Xeons. While we don’t particularly worry about the power consumption, the extra performance per dollar from the Opteron is something that we will take into account in the future.

The major difference is that Dreamhost is serving up websites and we are doing more general purpose, fileserving, mail, web and database. The other thing I wonder about is the uptake of Sun’s Niagara. The biggest uptake of them appears to me to be the support within Linux. The crazy amount of multithreading on those chips means that the kernel will need to support it, I’m not entirely sure wether or not support is going in or not, but there seems to be speculation that the support is not there (1 & 2)