Recurring Dreams

When I was a kid, I often had this nightmare, wherein I was being chased by another fat kid. When I say fat I don’t mean fat like a normal overweight person, but fat like collagen injected lips, but all over. Now this kid kept chasing me as he slowly got bigger and bigger, I kept running away, running over bridges (and I suppose under dales though I don’t recall that). I think I always woke up before anything happened, probably in a cold sweat.

Like all nightmare’s it wasn’t particularly a pleasant experience, yet, when I think fondly back on it now, I wonder where recurring dreams have gone in my life. I often have recurring themes in my dreams, but since that nightmare left me, I can’t remember having a real recurring dream.

What got me thinking about this business of Recurring Dreams was my ride to work on Friday. Each day as I ride off the Indooroopilly foot bridge, my thoughts start to move to the ride.I start finding a rythm, down the hill sweeping right, sigh in sadness at the deserted Chelmer Bowls club now make sure I don’t hit the potholes, but I noticed a few months ago that there is a man across the road from the bowls club that is often tending to his lawn. This really shouldn’t seem strange, but over time I have realised that it is only on Friday mornings that he is there. No other day of the week.

I have started building a character for this man in my head, I think he might have been the groundskeeper for the bowls club, may be he only works a 4 day week now. He’s old, maybe his wife has a carer on Fridays.

This Friday morning as I rode past, I saw him again trimming the edges of the gutter, and I thought to myself what if he wasn’t there. Would my brain tell me that he actually was there? That’s rediculous I told myself, but then I thought. What if he isn’t there, maybe I’m just reliving a dream from last night, that I have every Thursday night.

Maybe he is just a Recurring Dream.