My Computer Setup

I get a few questions from people asking why I use Windows Vista and not Ubuntu – I’m pretty confident using Linux and I my desktop (that I’m not using) is set up with Ubuntu. It’s a matter of personal preference, but one of the biggest reasons is it’s tablet support. I haven’t even tried using Ubuntu on this machine as I have no desire – I really think the tablet support works really well. What’s more is I really like Office 2007, the new interface takes a lot of getting used to but it does provide the interface that you need when you need it. Anyway I thought I would outline the other stuff I have installed on my machine, in roundabout order of time I spend using them.

  1. Firefox 3
    1. Firebug 1.2
    2. Prism (This is how I access GMail and Google Reader)
    3. FirePHP
  2. Eclipse
    1. PHP Development Tools
    2. Subversive
    3. JSEclipse
    4. PYDev
    5. SQL Explorer (I’ve just installed this to work on some fairly complex SQL stuff)
  3. Putty
  4. Pidgin
  5. WAMP Server
  6. Songbird (I’ve recently replaced iTunes with Songbird)
  7. Filezilla
  8. Notepad 2 (I’m seriously considering replacing this with OpenKomodo)
  9. Office 2007 (with OneNote)
  10. Firefox 2
    1. Firebug 1.0
  11. Tortoise SVN
  12. Skype

There’s a couple of important things to note about this setup, I would love to be rid of Firefox 2, Firefox 3 is so much better, however Firebug 1.2 beta really doesn’t cut it. It is certainly a lot better than it was, but I’m really hanging out for it to get a bit more stable. I think it causes a few memory leaks as well which doesn’t really help, especially when you are using Firefox all day with 20-30 tabs open.

JSEclipse is the best free/open source Javascript plugin for Eclipse. It was bought by Adobe quite some time ago and used to power the Flex development environent then they seem to have dropped development on it, it’s a little bit sad really.

I really hate the fact that I have Skype even installed on my machine, but as many people that are using Jabber/Google Talk it doesn’t even compare to the amount using Skype. I could probably get away with using Pidgin all the time, but it doesn’t support voice. It certainly looks to me as though voice support is coming, hopefully soon than later. My biggest problem with Skype is the overly closed nature of the protocol, 3rd party implementations can’t even connect to the IM service.