2009 Resolutions

Talking to one of my friends yesterday he asked me what my goals for 2009 were. I did a quick search here and found that I wrote some New Year’s resolutions in 2006. This year’s resolutions:

  1. Get my masters. This is pretty straightfoward. Study, do my assignments, pass my exams.
  2. Sort out my finances. This doesn’t mean save a million bucks, just end the year with some savings and hopefully a source of income.
  3. Side projects. My only side project at the moment is my food and wine blog but I’ve got a couple of other little bits and pieces I want to build. This however needs to take a second place to uni. I’m also going to cook more and try and buy some more bottles of wine.

A couple of more short term things that I want to and am going to do.

  1. Play some volleyball
  2. Play some netball
  3. 1 + 2 = Lose some weight

New Years Resolutions

Even though I really don’t want to call them New Year’s resolutions, they are. I suppose I’m just quantifying some of my goals for the next 3 months or so. So I’m going to write them here so that they are here for posterity’s sake.

  • Don’t drink so much. I’m not going to kid myself or anyone else and say I’m not going to drink at all. But I’m going to cut down on drinking, especially during the week.
  • Work more. This is going to go with drinking less, but I want to work more than I am at the moment.
  • Save more. I’m doing a pretty reasonable job of saving at the moment, but I want to go overseas in March/April so I have to do a better job.

I suppose they are pretty standard goals, but I really want to work on them.

Appendicitis and all things Appendix

I’ve had an interesting week, last Sunday I was feeling pretty sick and wrecked all day long with a bit of vomiting really early in the morning, I didn’t think too much of it thinking that it was probably just a bit of food poisoning and that I would get over it relatively quickly.

Well I went to work on Monday feeling like death but as the day wore on I felt better and better. I went to Mum and Dad’s place and told Mum how bad I was feeling, she asked me about the pain, told me she thought it was Appendicitis and that I should goto the doctor.

My next step was getting on a bus to Brisbane, and I felt fine, but following Doctor Mum’s best advice my next stop was to a real doctor in Taringa and then Emergency. The doctor in emergency wasn’t entirely sure about it, but the surgeon penciled me in for surgery the next day. I was out the day after.

There has been alot said about the public health system here in Queensland with some possible poor decisions made by the current or previous governments, however I was happy with the experience. It’s possible that it’s due to the fact I was considered an emergency or to a quiet week, but my experience was extremely positive.

Playground Tactics

Joe Grossberg wrote a great piece about the state of women and men’s psyche’s about whether they can have this girl or that guy. While I’m not entirely in agreeance with some of what he says it’s well written and very true.

The tactics we guys use when picking up a hot chick evolve slowly from when we are small children in kindergarten where we ran after the girl, punched them sat on top of them and kissed them, then ran away. To primary school where we generally prearranged the kissing too happen after school behind the toilets. In highschool it all became a little bit more complicated where you might actually have to charm the girl, and take her out.

The tactics then generally branch out into what works for each guy, some spend alot of money on them, some take them for a drive in their sports car. As the tactics evolve, the hunt ends up fairly hit or miss, if it’s going to work on the girl, it will. If not, the guy needs to let it go, otherwise in my experience it ends up ugly for the guy.

It amazes me through all of this, that the playground tactics of (proverbiably) punching the girl kissing them and running of still works, the girls don’t realise it but they should be demanding to be treated better.

Learning the Guitar

I’ve started trying to learn the guitar, it’s quite entertaining and challenging. I started when I was sitting around at Carl’s house and made him teach me a few chords. I have a problem where I focus too much on the chords and suck at strumming, but I think I’m getting better.

Carl bought a new guitar of a friend of his, it’s a steel string and it’s so sweet to play. It leaves huge callouses on your fingers from playing it though. I’m seriously considering buying a guitar for myself.

Australian University Games

Last week I travelled to Perth with USQ to play Volleyball at Australian University Games. While our position (9th) wasn’t as good as we felt we could have gone, the week was a blast and I’m sure that every person on the team had a good time. We played well and the younger less experienced players will have taken alot away from the week.

Perth is a beautiful city, it seems clean and friendly. There is very little graffiti (except in the McDonalds toilet) and there is a huge police presence. This could have been because of the Uni Games and the warship in town but I suppose I will never know.


Someone told me today that they always read this site but never understand anything I write. I’m flattered that they read it and I have been planning to write stuff about everything, uni, sport, me and all that other geeky stuff. So if you were thinking about changing channels, stay tuned the programming will get better.