Female Observation Skills (or lack thereof)

When I am riding I often ride past speed cameras. If this happens, I make sure that I try and warn any oncoming traffic to slow down and not get a ticket. I do this by waving my hand up and down, and if I think the driver hasn’t quite understood what I am doing, I imitate taking a photo with an imaginary camera.

Nearly every man sees me and then gives me a thumbs up or a wave as if to say cheers, but very rarely do I catch the eye of a woman and when I do, they give me a weird look like I have something on my face. This may seem pretty contrived but since I have been riding my bike regularly each time it happens I have the same results.

Now I know that girls can do a “girl look” and find something lost about 10 times quicker than a guy but when it comes to spotting the weirdo riding along the side of the road making strange hand gestures, they just don’t cut it.