Jabbot: A personal microblogging system

There has been much talk on a variety of blogs demanding a replacement for Twitter. Now having only used Twitter in a very limited and conceited testing way I’m not qualified to speak about all of the features and what the can’t live without features of it are.

I’ve been working on more of a friends-only level of microblogging solution. It operates by monitoring people’s Jabber status and logging them to a viewable webpage, these status lists are then followable with RSS. This project is called Jabbot and there is a test bot currently running, just add test@wakeless.net to your Jabber IM list and then check the webpage at http://dev.wakeless.net/jabbot/ Any status updates you make will show up there. There is also RSS feeds on a per-user basis.

Now this doesn’t seem like anything overly special, just a way of logging people’s status. However this get’s interesting when you log the bot in as yourself, all those people that you already chat with can now update their status and have them sent through to your follow page.

There is obviously a few problems with this as a replacement for Twitter, running a script/bot on your machine isn’t really as turnkey as just adding your account to twitter, however the infrastructure is already in place, every Google Talk user and possibly in the future every Facebook chat user (assuming they become federated which I’m not actually convinced about) will all be “followable”.

This has been banged together while I’ve been learning Python so it might not be the prettiest code. The source code is available, it’s released under GPL. Jabbot-0.1