The History of the Shotover River

This weekend gone by, I had a cheap “locals” ride on the Shotover Jet. Very entertaining, but I’m not entirely sure it would be worth $109. Anyway, while the driver was waiting for another boat to pass us (so we didn’t crash into them) he told us that gold mining on the Shotover River had been banned for a number of reasons.

I’ve been doing a bit of searching on the net and I’m not really that much closer to the answer. I’ve found a bit of information regarding the genealogy of William Gilbert Rees and a further information here at Experience Queenstown, but I still can’t figure it out. I’ll have a of bit better look when I remember it again.

Queenstown and Coffee

I’ve found my way to Queenstown, it’s a beautiful little resort town on the shore of Laka Wakatipu. On clear days, you get the postcardesque view of the snow-capped mountains reflecting in the water of the lake. Magic.

I’m staying at a cool little backpacker hostel called Bumbles, it’s got views of the lake from most of the rooms, it’s really cheap and the staff are really helpful. I’ve had a few dramas with my cashflow and they have been more than helpful, I’m really glad I decided to stay there.

Apart from the real dramas I’ve had, my other problem has been getting coffee. There really isn’t too many coffee shops in a place that one would think would otherwise have more cafes than you can poke a stick at. Most of the places that double as coffee shops are actually bars that masquerade during the day. These places are generally no bigger than a cosy little coffee shop, and at night get packed full of drinkers, very bizarre indeed.