On the English

Over the past year or 2 I’ve had the pleasure of spending quite a great deal of time with a number of English people – friends from netball, colleagues, travel friends and housemates. Now, there is a lot to like about people from the motherland and I’ve rarely met one whom I didn’t care to be around (unlike Americans who tend to be very abrasive). Now with out further ado I’ll enumerate a few of the little things that I really can’t understand, but am always entertained by.

  1. Obviously the biggest point of concern, why the fuck do the english drink so much tea. Not only do they drink a shitload of it, but they are more than happy to make one for you.
  2. English girls always sign off text messages with xx. As one of my good friend found out, this doesn’t necessarily go down well with Australian girl friends.
  3. The sun. Now I love the sun as much as anyone but the English really do have a great love for lying in the sun until they turn into lobsters.
  4. Last but not least, Football. I really can’t figure out why every single English person loves the game so much. It’s fine by me – as far as I’m concerned it’s a valid choice for a favourite sport, however it’s pretty much comprehensively loved. More than Australians love cricket and more than (this might be a big call) Kiwis love rugby.


As Jen the Pom has rightly pointed out in my comments, English people don’t fill their glasses all the way to the top. This was discovered when we were pouring our own beers from jugs at the RE and continuosly my glass was full, but not full. There are 2 major excuses for this, firstly so you don’t spill your drink when you are walking with it and secondly because pint glasses are actually supposed to have about a centimetre of head at the top.

Queenstown and Coffee

I’ve found my way to Queenstown, it’s a beautiful little resort town on the shore of Laka Wakatipu. On clear days, you get the postcardesque view of the snow-capped mountains reflecting in the water of the lake. Magic.

I’m staying at a cool little backpacker hostel called Bumbles, it’s got views of the lake from most of the rooms, it’s really cheap and the staff are really helpful. I’ve had a few dramas with my cashflow and they have been more than helpful, I’m really glad I decided to stay there.

Apart from the real dramas I’ve had, my other problem has been getting coffee. There really isn’t too many coffee shops in a place that one would think would otherwise have more cafes than you can poke a stick at. Most of the places that double as coffee shops are actually bars that masquerade during the day. These places are generally no bigger than a cosy little coffee shop, and at night get packed full of drinkers, very bizarre indeed.