Volleyball Training

We had our first USQ volleyball training yesterday, we are hoping to train every Sunday afternoon almost for the rest of the year, it should be good. We tend to hit the pub afterwards.

There is a tournament in 2 or so weeks and we want to do pretty well.

Australian University Games

Last week I travelled to Perth with USQ to play Volleyball at Australian University Games. While our position (9th) wasn’t as good as we felt we could have gone, the week was a blast and I’m sure that every person on the team had a good time. We played well and the younger less experienced players will have taken alot away from the week.

Perth is a beautiful city, it seems clean and friendly. There is very little graffiti (except in the McDonalds toilet) and there is a huge police presence. This could have been because of the Uni Games and the warship in town but I suppose I will never know.