Joe Grossberg wrote a great piece about the state of women and men’s psyche’s about whether they can have this girl or that guy. While I’m not entirely in agreeance with some of what he says it’s well written and very true.

The tactics we guys use when picking up a hot chick evolve slowly from when we are small children in kindergarten where we ran after the girl, punched them sat on top of them and kissed them, then ran away. To primary school where we generally prearranged the kissing too happen after school behind the toilets. In highschool it all became a little bit more complicated where you might actually have to charm the girl, and take her out.

The tactics then generally branch out into what works for each guy, some spend alot of money on them, some take them for a drive in their sports car. As the tactics evolve, the hunt ends up fairly hit or miss, if it’s going to work on the girl, it will. If not, the guy needs to let it go, otherwise in my experience it ends up ugly for the guy.

It amazes me through all of this, that the playground tactics of (proverbiably) punching the girl kissing them and running of still works, the girls don’t realise it but they should be demanding to be treated better.

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