Function Overloading in PHP

Update: I have written about a more Java-like, argument based overloading solution here. I’ve been trying to get a set of good basic functions included […]

Drug Arrest Ethics

Recently a group of Australians was arrested in Bali for trying to smuggle 11kg of Heroin into Australia. What makes it interesting to me is […]

The term AJAX

Matt Haughey writes about the noise surrounding the term AJAX. I agree with him wholeheartedly and wanted to add, that searching for information that is […]

Cool or unCool

I recently subscribed to Planet Ubuntu (because I don’t have enough to do anyway). One of the guys is talking about unCool being the new […]

CIA Factbook

Rod was working hard all day, telling me over Messenger useless facts about Bahrain. He sent me a link to one of the best resources […]

Windows Messenger Flaw

I (and the network I administer) use Windows Messenger for Instant Messaging, I actually quite like the software, it’s one of the few examples of […]

New Wiki

Today I saw that Dreamhost has a 1 click setup for media wiki, so I have set up a wiki. I’m not sure what I’m […]

Volleyball Websites

I’ve been playing with updating the Toowoomba Volleyball website. Mainly doing a few changes to get the content up to date. I also set up […]