Podcasting and the Commons

Dave Winer has been talking about the lock-in Apple seems to be performing with it’s new Podcasting support. One of the things he mentioned was […]

In the long run

I have always said, mainly to Dave, given enough time, Open Source will always win. Now Jonathan Schwartz is agreeing with me. Sometimes, it can […]


In my uni exam, “Data Mining Discovers Knowledge” we have to do some calculations without a calculator. This website that dave pointed out to me […]

Dreamhost + PHP5

Dreamhost has added support for PHP5! Woohoo! The only problem I have is I can’t get HTTP Authorization working, but never mind, I’ve implemented forms […]

PHP Development Environment

This popped up in my aggregator thanks to PlanetPHP. My development environment is similar to the one Sean uses, I use Eclipse (3.1RC) with PHPEclipse, […]

Geek Conversations

Robert Scoble, Joe Beda, and Ted Leung were all at the Friends of Maryam BBQ (Scoble’s wife). There was a bunch of geeks there, similar […]

Views in MS SQL server

I do a little bit of development with Microsoft SQL server and recently I edited a couple of tables and some really weird problems started […]

Mac and PowerPC

There has been alot of speculation regarding Mac’s switch from IBM to Intel chips. In his usual discussive way, Daring Fireball suggests that it is […]