Cunts in History

As part of the book I’m not writing Pragmatic Cunts here are some of the personalities in history I will be discussing. Judas Iscariot Henry […]

Gmail Improvement

The one thing that gets on my nerves the most about gmail is that it doesn’t remember which email address of yours was participating in […]

Ning and Nong

Recently there has been speculation (here and here ) or talk that Ning, the innovative social networking platform is a dead end and that it […]

The Pill and Society

Last night after our round of cards, Fi, Chops and myself had a good discussion about the effects of the pill on society. The discussion […]

Playing 500

Lately, between Backgammon, Chess, Poker and Volleyball, we have been playing 500. It’s interesting to teach new people the game and to see how they […]

New Years Resolutions

Even though I really don’t want to call them New Year’s resolutions, they are. I suppose I’m just quantifying some of my goals for the […]

Dinner Tonight

I’m so impressed with the dinner I cooked for myself tonight I’m going to post it here. Chicken breast fillet grilled, on toasted multigrain bread, […]