More RSS in Australia

I have posted before regarding the uptake of RSS in Australia. Since that last post, there has not been much more adoption of the technology, […]

GMail’s Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the basic tenents of a good user-interface is learnability or discoverabilty (I’m sure that’s a made-up word.) Everything should be laid out in […]

Blogging’s Brazil Nuts

It has been said on many occasions that the blogosphere is an echo chamber. Whether it is or not, it generally brings good, new content […]

Zeldman and WordPress

So, Jeffrey Zeldman has moved his blog from hand-coding everything on the site every day, over to WordPress. This shows that the WordPress community is […]

Menu-item Positioning

It’s not something I have read alot about, but I’m sure somewhere there are best practices regarding where is best to place a menu item. […]

Nissan Exa for Sale

I have a 1987 Nissan Exa with a CA18DET for sale in Toowoomba, Queensland. (Transportable to Brisbane) It does not have a road-worthy cert, nor […]