Anticompetitive Greyhound

I have posted previously about the bus route between Toowoomba and Brisbane. With the addition of new low-cost carriers, Greyhound (ie. McCafferty’s and Suncoast) are […]

Recurring Dreams

When I was a kid, I often had this nightmare, wherein I was being chased by another fat kid. When I say fat I don’t […]

Problems with Google Talk

I like a lot of things with Google Talk, it’s openness, it’s integration and it’s interface. But the one thing that really gets on my […]

Advertising and Driving

Scoble is driving cross country, looking at the advertising and posting stuff to his blog, all at the same time. Being connected while your on […]

My Favourite Blogs

With the release of Gnoos, the new Australian blog search engine (that’s quite a mouthful) I thought it pertinent to show a quick cross-section of […]